8 fashion tips to always look stylish


 Convince your fashion with style recommendations for styling all the looks of your wardrobe.

 1.) Work in a pill towel cabinet.

 Make sure you have a reliable closet: iconic little black, a pair of denim that fits perfectly, a traditional blazer, a simple T-shirt and button-down in unbiased colors, a practical leather jacket ( Or a denim jacket). Investing in a basic set of pills from Mixandfit (and understanding how they are made) is of paramount importance in finding them together. 

2.) Make sure your clothes are in perfect shape. 

One of the secrets to making any outfit look gorgeous is to hire a very good tailor. Bespoke clothes are no longer the most practical, but they also feel comfortable. Pants that drag the floor and dress clumsy may not be stylish. When your pill towel cabinet is right for you, you can start playing with oversized and smaller items in a fashionable and no longer sloppy way.

3.)  Learn the path to stable proportions.

 By balancing the proportions, you are ready to style your clothes to create the usual aesthetic harmony. You can achieve this with sportswear that fits the shape of your frame. If you need to play with oversized clothes or unusual shapes, make it a second style to relax the look. For example, try a decent crop pinnacle with wide leg denim, or a puff shoulder pinnacle with straight leg pants.

4.)  Find your private fashion. 

It can take years to develop a signature fashion, but you can also start creating a mood board. Remember that private fashion is an experiment. You only see the amazing views you are facing in the changing room. The menswear and womenswear categories should not determine how to shop. Take the time to experiment with colors and shapes to find out what's worth noting in the exact framework.

 5.) Become a higher buyer than 

Learning how to buy exactly what you need will help you avoid cluttering your closet with items you never wear. Clothes styling becomes a second property when your closet contains items you love.

6.) Add a belt.

 Wearing a visual belt is one of the easiest ways to put together any outfit. It's also a notable trick to add stability to an otherwise unpainted look, such as an elongated cashmere sweater or a fluffy midi skirt.

7.) Play with colors. 

If you are paying attention to including color in your appearance, start with just one brightly colored part and keep your appearance relaxed. You are particularly accustomed to colors, so you can study which color combination picture is best for your fashion. Study the color wheel for inspiration. 

 8.) A mix of styles and textures.

 The days of having to combine wallets and shoes are over. Contradictory textures and prints represent an ambitious style. Start with an open-minded style like stripes and a discreet texture like leather or knitwear, and include a small number of sequins or paisley (scarf, tie, clutch, etc.) until you find one that suits you.


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