Extravagant Friday in Dark and Brown

At the point when I began What My Sweetheart Wore, I made Extravagant Friday as a way of getting folks to stick their center fingers up to dressing down for the finish of the week of work. It was a reason to stand out from the group! 

Presently, It's presumably timing or the overall zeitgeist of the time, however, it appears as though there are for the most part significantly more honorable men on the streets nowadays, so Extravagant Friday must have worked 🙂 

I for one have been somewhat slack at going full extravagant myself, and I mean everything about adornment fastidiously matched into what I like to believe is an ideal combo. I've been dressing down a little and taking stuff somewhat more relaxed recently, not on the grounds that I figure Extravagant Friday should bite the dust, however generally on the grounds that we've had a perpetual summer here in Cape Town and it's simply been excessively damn warm! medium-shot let's investigate how to move toward different examples and surfaces and arrange everything.

 As consistently the key is scale, keep your surfaces and examples to a great extent unique in relation to each other and it for the most part gets the job done. Once in a while, you can even pull off a similar size design/surface if the shading is unique – like the coat and pants with a genuinely comparative measured example. 

At the point when it went to the shirt and tie, it was an issue of scale, the inclining stripes on the tie are a solid difference to the slim shirt stripes, so they never battle each other. Little subtleties like coordinating with the handkerchief to both the shirt and tie and permitting the lapel blossom to draw out the blue in the shirt, in the end, wind up uniting everything. 

Ultimately and consistently significant, match your cowhides and match your metals as I've finished with the watch, sleeve fasteners, and tie bar. 

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