Dressing Style Guide – Your Socks Should Match with Your Jeans


 Strangely, there is a ton of discussion out there in regards to whether your socks should coordinate with your shoes, or regardless of whether they ought to, truth be told, match your jeans. Presently, before we get everything rolling, I know there is a great deal of breathing space with regards to picking a couple of socks. 

A few gentlemen decide to shoot the lights out with splendidly shaded socks while some really like to say something in socks that resemble sausages, others (myself included) decide to forego socks totally and streak those lower legs lasting through the year. We'll get to all of that in one minute. 

This post is more with regards to custom. The 'right way of wearing your socks should you wind up in a circumstance where wiener socks are disapproved of – which truly is anyplace other than behind a frank truck! In this way, after much exploration, and many conflicts it ends up, there is no straightforward reply! Shock! I'm cheerful anyway to report that the overall agreement is "your socks should coordinate with your jeans". 

The writing is on the wall – go ahead and quit understanding now in case you were simply searching for a speedy reply. 

white socks

The thinking behind this standard is quite basic. All that you're sincerely attempting to do is make consistent progress from the sew of your jeans to your shoe so as not to make an unattractive break in shading when your jeans influence your overall sashay! This is the essential standard and ought to be applied at every possible opportunity. 

In circumstances where you've sprinkled out and gotten some cerise jeans yet neglected to discover a totally coordinating with a sock, then, at that point, go ahead and match your socks to your shoes. 

My own recommendation is except if you are heading off to someplace unquestionably formal (like tea with her Regal Magnificence the Sovereign) I would forego this standard all together! A conventional occasion will for the most part call for dark jeans and dark shoes in any case in this way, eventually, it's an easy decision! On the off chance that you begin driving the matchy-matchy rule, your outfit might wind up as boring as the dim haze above! 

matching shoes

On the off chance that you will demand socks, attempt to have a good time with them! No, I'm not approving wiener socks – You ought to never mistake oddity for the sake of entertainment. When in doubt, I recommend avoiding oddity anything, socks, ties, neckties, pocket squares, and so forth 

Having a good time with your socks simply implies not making too much of the above rule. Give the broken access your jeans and shoes pass on a tad bit of your character.

 As I would like to think, a strong shading goes a significantly longer way in saying something than an example at any point does. You can, nonetheless, kill 2 birds with one sock by picking something that brings somewhat more fun further up the sock.

 I got the socks above from Paul several years prior they're as yet my go-to when I choose to wear socks – which truly isn't regularly : ) 

Last tip: In case you will disrupt the norm, break it hard! Ensure you make sufficient differentiation between your socks and jeans (or shoes) to settle on the decision that appears to be deliberate. In the event that the shading or tone is excessively near possibly, it will appear like you were attempting to coordinate with them and fizzled, so decide in favor of intensity here! Hell, Consistently decide in favor of intensity when getting dressed! Lifes short you know. 


In case you're hoping to stay away from sock disarray altogether, I would emphatically recommend my undisputed top choice, the lower leg… or "European sock" as I call it. Those of you who follow our Instagram feed will definitely know, I'm not timid to show a little skin around the lower legs, and wearing socks is regularly the exemption that demonstrates the standard – or is it the special case for the standard, I never know the distinction. 

There's only something regarding that skin break that investigates business to a boss. It offers some relief and brings a lack of concern that shows you don't go over the top with yourself, paying little mind to how impeccably assembled your outfit is!

 I get a ton of backlash for this on Instagram… yet it's for the most part from individuals who post pictures of crossbows so it doesn't trouble me to an extreme! We're not here to adjust, correct? 


The key to a decent European sock is, truth be told, a decent mystery sock. Believe it or not, I'm positively not advising you to go sockless in light of the fact that… well… gross! I'm continually on the quest for a decent mystery sock thus far found that Pair of Hoodlums makes the absolute best (relax, they're not paying me to say that).

 You need to go for a 'flat-out sock as opposed to a low profile sock or preparing sock, the smallest demonstration of sock will demolish the whole look. This is particularly significant when wearing loafers as they are by and large lower slice and will in general lookout on the sides. With regards to loafers I've discovered that ladies' loading socks (that's right, I said it, I wear ladies' socks) work the best, they are by and large extremely low profile just as tissue shaded so they're practically undetectable – I got some stunning ones with a padded sole at Primark in the UK and they are an outright victor! 


The last tip for that European sock, don't commit the error I've made and purchase the least expensive socks you can discover. As my father consistently says "You purchase modestly you purchase twice". Go for a quality cotton sock that is breathable and padded on the sole. 

You're additionally going to need to get something with a non-slip elastic trim on the heel to stop your socks descending into your point of view! Trust me on this. 

OK, goodness, who might have thought there was such a great amount to think about socks right? 

Alright. Stay extravagant.

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